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we specialize in delivering expert custom plastic injection molding services

At Boyan Manufacturing Solutions, we are proud to provide high-quality plastic injection molds and molded parts, along with expert engineering support and customer service. Most importantly, we help you stay within your budget!

Our services

Injection Mold Design & Manufacturing

Custom Injection Molding Service

We offer comprehensive mold design, manufacturing, and custom injection molding services.

Our expertise includes precision injection molding, micro molding, overmolding, insert molding, 2-shot molding, and so forth.

Our service areas cover electronic appliances, household products, consumer products, transmission components (such as gears and screws), and automotive parts. No matter your needs, we provide a wide range of solutions.

We are using precision injection molding machines of various tonnages and capacities. With the aid of mold temperature control equipment, we can produce products of different specifications that meet customer satisfaction.

Product Design & reverse engineering

Our part design services include optimizing existing designs to improve moldability and reverse engineering. This is based on our deep understanding of injection-molded parts and molds. Our skilled designers can complete design tasks in a short time.

Additionally, we can perform initial product design if you provide conceptual sketches. Compared to professional design firms, our design fees are much more affordable.

Material Selection

Our material experts provide professional advice and possess extensive knowledge about thermoplastic resins, including general-purpose plastics (such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, PMMA), engineering plastics (such as PC, POM, PA6, PA66, PET), and high-temperature plastics (such as PES, PEEK, PPS, PSU, PBI).

Adhering to best practices, we emphasize that selecting the right material is crucial for the success of your product, as changes are difficult to make once the mold-making process begins.

Rapid Prototyping

To provide convenient services for our customers, we offer 3D printing services. Common materials include standard photopolymer resin, nylon (with and without fiberglass), transparent resin, and elastomers (such as TPU, TPE, and silicone).

The typical turnaround time is 1 to 3 days. Customers need to provide files in STEP or STL format.

Post Processing

We offer a variety of post-processing services, including painting, printing and marking (screen printing, pad printing, laser marking), electroplating, polishing, machining (drilling, milling, etc.), welding, and assembly.

These processes are highly influenced by human factors, requiring extensive experience and a high level of responsibility. Please note that there are minimum order requirements for these services.

Product Showcase

Lego windscreen canopy 2
Lego Component

Type: precision molding

This example of the Lego part shows how to achieve the precision of the injection mold final plastic part. Click to see more details.

plastic retainer for phone lens
Lens retainer for phone cameras

Type: precision molding

A plastic lens retainer for smartphone cameras, made by 2-shot injection molding with PA6+GF substrate and TPU overmold.. Click to see more.

plastic LED lens different sizes
Lens for LED lights

Type: clear plastic molding

These are lenses for LED lights. The surface pattern is most critical for the proper projecting of lights. Each part need to have the same weight for cost saving in large volume production.

top and bottom plastic pin connector
Pins connector

Type: precision molding

This is a pin connector used on PCBs. High precision and uniformity are required.

injection mold for the TPU phone side skirt 2
Side skirt for phones

Type: precision molding / TPU molding

This is a side seal for mobile phones, with the material TPU. There are small details made to high precision to prevent flashes.

TPE overmolding finished and assembled parts
Power tool handle

Type: TPE overmolding

This is a handle for power tools. The substrate is ABS with TPE overmolded.

chrome plated wide reflective mirror
Chrome plated mirror

Type: chrome plating

This is a wide reflective mirror made of ABS, with the surface plated with chrome.

double wall plastic mug
double wall plastic cup

Type: ultrasonic welding

The cup body consists of 2 walls for better heat insulation. The bottom is welded to the cup body. The material for this cup is ABS.

Why Choosing Us?

Quality Control - from Start to Finish

At Boyan, delivering quality molds or products is our mission. Quality is not just an outcome; it results from controlling every step of the process.

1. Product Design Analysis

Quality begins when we first come into contact with the product design. We review the part design and discuss with the customer any areas that may need modification or optimization.

Understanding the product’s intended use helps us understand the requirements for appearance, material properties, and dimensional accuracy. For parts requiring precise fits, we recommend appropriate tolerance for the key dimensions.

We then conduct a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis, often accompanied by a Mold Flow Analysis. These reports include the proposed mold design, potential injection molding defects, and strategies to mitigate or avoid these defects..

Many molding defects are predictable, and they can be avoided or kept within an acceptable level.

The Design For Manufacturing (DFM) report visualizes key information such as parting lines, gate types and locations, and ejector pin locations, These are crucial details that the client needs to confirm.

For more demanding plastic parts or more expensive molds, the mold flow analysis can be performed to evaluate possible molding defects and find better solutions. 

2. Professional Mold Manufacturing

In the mold manufacturing process, we strictly control all factors that affect quality as listed below: 

Ensuring Project Success Through Proper Quality Standards
plastic nut 01

Setting precise quality standards is a delicate process, and we offer our expert guidance to ensure the success of your custom plastic part project.

3. Product Inspection

When you’re looking to partner with a plastic injection molding company for a custom project, this article provides a step-by-step guide to ensure a quality outcome.

big plastic box
We ensure that our competitive prices are always grounded in providing adequate quality to meet your needs.

Low Price - Sufficient Quality

At our full-service company, we prioritize affordability and transparency in custom plastic injection projects.

We can offer a detailed mold cost breakdown, enabling you to see the exact composition of expenses.

This ensures that each item is reasonably and accurately calculated, providing you with complete satisfaction.

Our online mold cost calculator

Using our state-of-the-art online mold cost calculator, you can obtain an accurate cost estimation for your plastic part within seconds!

Simply enter the ① part dimensions, ② number of cavities, ③ number of sliders, ④ the steel for core and cavity, along with the ⑤ complexity level, and receive a comprehensive price range.

Rest assured, our actual mold quote typically aligns with this estimated range.

Say goodbye to lengthy waiting times and welcome the efficiency of our mold cost calculator!

plastic injection mold image

Plastic Injection Molding Process

Customer testimonials

— At Boyan, we consistently appreciate the chance to embrace challenges, foster creativity, and evolve together with our customers’ enterprises

I had the pleasure of working with Boyan Manufacturing Solutions, and their deep expertise in plastic injection molding truly shined. They were invaluable in turning a complicated concept into a high-quality final product, all within a demanding deadline. Their ingenious ideas resolved earlier challenges, and they consistently provided well-considered solutions to various engineering hurdles. Thanks to Boyan Manufacturing Solutions' prompt and clear communication, the project advanced without a hitch. I wholeheartedly recommend Boyan Manufacturing Solutions to anyone seeking efficient and effective outcomes for their injection molding needs. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
Richard, USA
Boyan Manufacturing Solutions has been extremely useful in enabling our company to develop designs appropriate for injection molding, and also in ensuring quality production runs of components essential for our core business. They are quick to respond to inquiries, and we are extremely happy with our continued business relationship with them. More than anything, we have been totally reassured by their attention to detail and their guarantee of the quality of their work. We would not hesitate to recommend them to customers, especially those new to injection molding.
Edwrd Dean, UK
From concept to final product, Boyan Manufacturing was instrumental in the development of a challenging injection molded part over a very short timeline. They demonstrated their expertise in injection molding with clear and logical solutions to several engineering challenges. Their prompt and articulate correspondence helped my project move along smoothly. I would highly recommend Boyan Manufacturing for those that need quick and effective solutions for their injection molding projects.
Aaron Collis, USA
Boyan Manufacturing Solutions is very well named, as "Solutions" as that is just one of their many excellent service traits the company provides. Starting with their superb website which opens the door into a very professional efficient company and its services on offer. It did not take long to discover the interaction between myself and Boyan Manufacturing grew rapidly into a working relationship where ideas and efficiency gains and engineering suggestions were flowing freely to me from this amazing company. Speed of development and progress reports are only matched with the extremely smart and innovative suggestions for my project freely offered by Boyan Manufacturing Limited.Boyan Manufacturing Ltd provided samples that were 100% flawless, and given I live in New Zealand, the samples arrived extremely quickly. The all-round and complete service from Boyan Manufacturing is extraordinary. I would suggest to anyone Globally who seeks extremely high-quality precision Injection Moulding products from any design concept to engage this company. Their Interaction and amazing constructive feedback are incredible and I am so grateful I have such a company helping me now and into the future.
Pete Falleni, NZ

Customer references are available in these countries. If you would like to speak with our customers directly, we can provide you with their phone numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Generally, STEP is the most widely used format, supported by most design software for conversion. Our design tools include UG and SolidWorks.

It’s important to note that we occasionally receive files in STL format. However, STL files are suitable only for 3D printing and cannot be used for mold machining. Converting STL files to STEP format, if requested, will incur additional charges.

Absolutely, but we need detailed information about the product’s use. This includes what the product is, its operating environment such as high/low temperatures, whether it’s used outdoors or indoors, and if it requires resistance to corrosion, flame retardancy. Additionally, we need to know the required mechanical properties like strength and toughness (impact resistance). With this information, we can help select the most suitable plastic material for your project.

Yes, we offer custom color matching based on client requirements. Colors can be customized according to RAL or Pantone codes. However, this method is not perfectly accurate due to slight variations among different color card editions. We have noticed this through our collaborations with many color matching suppliers, thus providing a color sample is more preferable.

There are two methods for color matching: adding color powder or masterbatch at a later stage, or having the color pre-mixed at the raw material factory. The latter requires a larger purchase quantity.

The lead time for injection molding projects varies based on the complexity, precision, and size of the mold. Typically, the production cycle for an injection mold ranges from 25 to 40 days. The initial samples produced using the mold are referred to as T0 samples.

Following the inspection of T0 samples, modifications to the mold may be necessary. This could include design adjustments or corrections to meet the specified dimensions. After modifications, the next set of samples, known as T1 samples, are produced. This cycle can take an additional 15 to 25 days, with additional time for shipping and inspecting the samples, totaling about 30 days.

In summary, the complete process from the start to the completion of a mold generally takes about 2 to 3 months. Sometimes, a second round of modifications is required, although this is less common.

Efficient communication during the sample inspection and problem-solving process is crucial. Without it, the overall timeline may extend further.

If your project with us involves confidential information, it is essential to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before initiating the collaboration. This ensures that we are aware of the project’s confidential nature and also allows us to enter into similar agreements with our suppliers. In our communications with them, information will be limited to the minimum necessary on a need-to-know basis.

However, understanding the product’s application scenarios helps us ensure its quality, so clients should carefully consider their needs and share useful information with us. This balance allows us to maintain confidentiality while also receiving the context needed to deliver the best possible outcome.

We do not impose restrictions on the MOQ. For some products, the quantity might be as low as 100 pieces. We hope this will lead to more orders in the future, but it’s perfectly fine if it does not.

However, please note that smaller orders may have longer lead times. This is because these orders are typically processed during the intervals of other production schedules, especially when there are specific production conditions required or additional post-processing involved.

To ensure our injection molded products meet specifications, we implement rigorous quality assurance measures. These include material inspections, mold design reviews, precise control of the injection molding process, initial product inspections (FAI), continuous production monitoring, and thorough final quality checks.

Additionally, we actively seek customer feedback for continuous improvement. This comprehensive approach guarantees that our products consistently meet high-quality standards and customer expectations.

For the exported injection molds, we ensure quality through comprehensive measures including mold design review, precision machining and inspection, and mold trial runs. Our approach covers all aspects from raw materials to design, manufacturing, and trial operations to guarantee mold quality. Throughout the mold-making process, we keep our clients updated on progress. Before shipping, we conduct a 4-6 hour trial run to ensure mold quality meets expectations. We encourage clients to communicate any additional requirements before production begins.

Certainly! We provide a comprehensive range of secondary operations and finishing services, including surface treatments such as painting, plating, screen printing, pad printing, and laser etching. Additionally, we offer welding, machining, and assembly services among others to meet the diverse needs of our clients and ensure their projects are completed to the highest standards.

If your project with us involves confidential information, it is essential to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before initiating the collaboration. This ensures that we are aware of the project’s confidential nature and also allows us to enter into similar agreements with our suppliers. In our communications with them, information will be limited to the minimum necessary on a need-to-know basis.

However, understanding the product’s application scenarios helps us ensure its quality, so clients should carefully consider their needs and share useful information with us. This balance allows us to maintain confidentiality while also receiving the context needed to deliver the best possible outcome.

We specialize more in the production aspect of product design rather than aesthetics, as we are not a professional design firm. While we collaborate with many designers, the initial design phase requires extensive communication with clients and an understanding of their cultural background, which we find challenging. However, we are confident in our ability to design for functionality. You can see an example of our work by clicking on this link.

Absolutely, if requested, we will promptly ship the mold to you, though such situations are rare. Generally, once customers start to have their molds made and kept at our facility for production, it’s uncommon for them to retrieve the molds midway through the process.

Yes, generally speaking, the subsequent maintenance and updates of the molds are our responsibility. This makes sense because if the production profits far exceed the cost of the mold, then we can take responsibility for creating a new mold when its lifespan ends (usually they last 100,000s shot).

However, if the production quantity is very low and there have been no orders for production over 3 years, this may lead to the mold being scrapped or needing repairs, and this is not something we would cover.

For mold costs, we generally require a 50% down payment, with the remaining 50% paid after sample confirmation.

For product production, we usually require a 30% down payment, with the remaining 70% paid before shipment. However, we will carefully inspect the product quality and send the inspection results before shipment.

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