plastic lens retainer for smartphone cameras

This is a plastic lens retainer for smartphone cameras, which is installed under the back cover of the phones. These parts are produced by 2 shot injection molding, with the substrate PA6+GF and TPU overmolded.

plastic retainer for phone lens

Part specification:

MaterialPA6 GF. TPU
Net weight0.83 gram
Manufacturing process2-shot molding
Mold information2 molds, 16 cavities each
Mold typehot runners

Critical features:

  • The key dimensions are within the tolerance of ±0.05mm;
  • The flatness and parallelness of surfaces are within 0.06mm;
  • No burrs or bumps allowed;
  • The gate scar should be under the part surface

Very small details:

The overmolded layer of TPU is only 0.4-1mm thick, and there are many small V-slots to further secure the overmolded layer from coming apart. Many small details need to be made precisely according to the design.

phone lens retainer small details

High precision of the molded parts:

To allow the parts function properly with the lens, these parts need to be made flat and with the minimum bend, warpage or distortion.

phone lens retainer picture 3phone lens retainer picture 5phone lens retainer picture 4

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