CNC machining

At Boyan, we are delivering CNC machined parts with reliable quality at lower prices. With our rich engineering experience and strong network, we are capable of dealing with the most demanding jobs which require high aesthetic and tight tolerances, or those jobs require multiple secondly operations like polishing, surface coating, logo etching/printing, etc.

Our CNC machining service include CNC milling (3- and 4-axises), CNC turning, spinning, automatic turning, and so forth. As a sourcing company, we are delivering the most versatile machining services.

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Product showcase

CNC machined led spotlight front view

CNC machined spotlight housing

An aluminum CNC machined lighting fixture for LED lights.The surface painting needs to be corrosion resistant and withstand 720 hours of salt spray test.

CNC turning and copper plating

This is a CNC turning part, it is made of aluminum, the surface is copper plated, and then the logo is printed. This is a high aesthetic component.

a small part made by CNC milling

Small CNC precision milling part

This is a small part made by CNC milling. It is made of aluminum, there are many tiny features that need to be made to high precision.

Aluminum enclosure surface anodized

This is a big-sized enclosure made by CNC milling. The surface is anodized, and should be free of scratches and other flaws.

black anodized aluminum retaining ring for camera lens

Black anodized aluminum retaining ring

A black anodized aluminum retaining ring. There are fine details need to be machined to specs, and the appearance is required to be flaw-free.​

cnc machined parts made from tool steel

Tool steel 5140 machined and heat treated

This is a small part made by tool steel 5140 , they are heat treated in a vacuum furnace to the hardness of HRC48-52.

Quality inspection

We always conduct quality inspections very carefully, and send you reports, pictures and videos, so you will be kept most up to date of what is going on and what you are going to receive.

Visual inspection

We present all imperfections in front of you and let you decide if they are acceptable. Here are a few examples:

A small dent of about 0.5mm wide on the sharp edge. This is considered acceptable with a small percentage of parts.
surface waviness caused by cnc turning of thin-wall structure
Surface waviness caused by CNC machining on thin-wall structure. This is quite common in low volume production.
aluminum anodizing defects
We found white marks on some of the parts, they are not too noticeable if looking from other angles, but we still rejected this kind of parts.
dimensional results report page 1

Dimensional results report

It is not just to take the measurements, but more importantly, to do it correctly.

We will take several readings to make sure the measurements are taken correctly.

Factory tour

As a sourcing company, taking advantage of our sourcing skills and solid presence in local area, we always choose to with CNC machining factories that can deliver low prices and good quality.

The processes of working with us

Frequently Asked Questions​

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Do you Provide any kind of Warranty ?

We certainly do. If you find the parts do not conform to the specs or have any quality issues within 3 months of their arrival date, please inform us with pictures indicating those issues. We will send you free replacements at our cost, including possible air freight charges.

What is your MOQ for orders?

There is no MOQ requirement from us, we take orders from 10 units to 1 million.

Looking for a low price supplier for your CNC machining project?