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plastic injection mold for LED lens

Custom plastic injection mold for LED lens in China

injection mold for LED lens 2

The design of the lens

The injection molds for the LED lens are something that comes with high technology and high precision. The design of this optical lens was outsourced from an engineering team in Guangdong, China.

plastic LED lens close view

Polishing of molds

The polishing of molds was conducted in a dust-free workshop. Because the major processes are outsourced, we can keep the price low while still maintaining a reasonably acceptable quality level.
We can offer samples for the optical tests upon the customer’s request.

Mold cost: $8,000-$15,000

We can do the LED lens mold at a very competitive price, the mold price can be from $8000-15000.

Cavity materialH13, 718H, S136, 2738, 1.2344, etc.
Product materialPC, PMMA (acrylic)
Cavity numbersSingle or multiple
Mold structureCold runner, hot runner
Mold baseStandard, self-made.
Lead time30 to 45 days