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Boyan Manufacturing Solutions Limited

High-Quality Custom Injection Molding Services for Australia, Made in China

We have extensive experience in successful collaborations with multiple Australian clients, particularly inproducing custom injection molded plastic components and tooling. Our strong track record of close cooperation enables us to offer tailored solutions and consistently deliver high-quality results, ensuring satisfaction in every project.

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Why Choosing Us?

Convinient delivery across Australia

Affordable and Competitive Pricing

Uncompromising Quality Standards

Direct, Easy Communication

Comprehensive Logistic Options

There are several options for shipping goods from China to Australia, categorized into express delivery (courner service) and traditional sea or air freight.

Efficient and Affordable Plastic Injection Molding Solutions

How do we keep the price low

At Boyan, we specialize in mold injection manufacturing, offering high-quality plastic products and injection molds at competitive prices. Our approach includes:

  • Optimized Equipment: Selecting the right machinery (including the mold machining equipment and the injection molding machines) to ensure precision and cost savings.
  • Process Optimization: Streamlining workflows for enhanced efficiency.
  • Innovative Mold Design: Creating molds that boost productivity and quality.
  • Efficient Production: Achieving higher output rates with consistent quality.

Try our meticulously designed online mold price calculator to quickly estimate our costs.

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To obtain a more exact and realistic manual quote, kindly contact us.

Our Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality and pursuit of perfection stems from personal integrity and responsibility. We strive to make products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Expertise in Plastic Injection Molding

We have extensive expertise in injection molding. Before production begins, we thoroughly review product designs, suggesting necessary modifications and offering design assistance if needed.

We conduct a design for manufacturing assessment and mold flow analysis to identify and address potential molding defects. This preparation ensures we are fully ready for the next steps.

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Advanced Processing Equipment

To balance cost and precision, we use appropriate equipment. For high-precision molds, we employ advanced machines like high-speed milling and mirror EDM, achieving an accuracy of up to 0.01mm, minimizing the need for manual fitting. These high-cost methods are used only when necessary.

Reasonable Quality Inspection Standards

We establish inspection standards for appearance, dimensional accuracy, and functionality based on the product’s specifications, ensuring they are met for the molded plastic parts, so that the finished product will function well.

These inspection standards will form the binding agreement between us, providing you with peace of mind.

manual inspection tools for plastic gears

Convenient and Effective Communication

The internet has brought us closer, providing rich tools for timely communication. Platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, and WeChat allow us to send photos and videos instantly. Tools such as Google Meet and Zoom make video conferencing easy and effective.

Delivering Key Details

Inspecting products relies not only on expertise and experience but also on good photography. This allows us to send you detailed and accurate images, ensuring you receive a more thorough understanding of the product than an in-person inspection might provide.

Collaborative Approach

We take the time to fully understand your needs and ideas, addressing issues promptly to meet your quality requirements. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products.

phone video call meeting to discuss the production of plastic parts

Contact Us Today

At Boyan Manufacturing Solutions, we assist you at every stage of product development, from design and rapid prototyping,  molding making, plastic parts production to various post-processing steps such as printing, painting, and secondary machining.

Our commitment to quality, effective communication, and customer satisfaction ensures that turning your idea into reality is a seamless process. Contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions​

Currently, our customers are located in Brisbane, Jandakot, Balcatta, Perth, and Camp Hill. If you would like some customer references, we can provide their contact information.

Answer: Firstly, transportation is convenient and cost-effective. Secondly, the time zones are similar, with China’s Beijing time being the same as Perth time in Australia.

The lead time for injection molding projects varies based on the complexity, precision, and size of the mold. Typically, the production cycle for an injection mold ranges from 25 to 40 days. The initial samples produced using the mold are referred to as T0 samples.

Following the inspection of T0 samples, modifications to the mold may be necessary. This could include design adjustments or corrections to meet the specified dimensions. After modifications, the next set of samples, known as T1 samples, are produced. This cycle can take an additional 15 to 25 days, with additional time for shipping and inspecting the samples, totaling about 30 days.

In summary, the complete process from the start to the completion of a mold generally takes about 2 to 3 months. Sometimes, a second round of modifications is required, although this is less common.

Efficient communication during the sample inspection and problem-solving process is crucial. Without it, the overall timeline may extend further.

We do not impose restrictions on the MOQ. For some products, the quantity might be as low as 100 pieces. We hope this will lead to more orders in the future, but it’s perfectly fine if it does not.

However, please note that smaller orders may have longer lead times. This is because these orders are typically processed during the intervals of other production schedules, especially when there are specific production conditions required or additional post-processing involved.

Certainly! We provide a comprehensive range of secondary operations and finishing services, including surface treatments such as painting, plating, screen printing, pad printing, and laser etching. Additionally, we offer welding, machining, and assembly services among others to meet the diverse needs of our clients and ensure their projects are completed to the highest standards.

Absolutely, if requested, we will promptly ship the mold to you, though such situations are rare. Generally, once customers start to have their molds made and kept at our facility for production, it’s uncommon for them to retrieve the molds midway through the process.

For mold costs, we generally require a 50% down payment, with the remaining 50% paid after sample confirmation.

For product production, we usually require a 30% down payment, with the remaining 70% paid before shipment. However, we will carefully inspect the product quality and send the inspection results before shipment.

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