Boyan Manufacturing Solutions limited

We are A professional supplier for plastic injection molding in China

Boyan Manufacturing Solutions takes pride in supplying high quality plastic injection molds and injection molded parts, together with professional engineering support and customer services. More importantly, we help you to stay within your budget!

Our expertise in plastic injection molding

Our capabilities cover precision injection molding, multi-shot injection molding, insert molding, TPE/TPU over-molding, and more. Below are some examples:

plastic retainer for phone lens
Lens retainer for phone cameras

Type: precision molding / 2-shot molding

Lens retainers that used under the back panel of the phones. High precision and uniformity are required.

top and bottom plastic pin connector
Pins connector

Type: precision molding

This is a pin connector used on PCBs. High precision and uniformity are required.

injection mold for the TPU phone side skirt 2
Side skirt for phones

Type: precision molding / TPU molding

This is a side seal for mobile phones, with the material TPU. There are small details made to high precision to prevent flashes.

TPE overmolding finished and assembled parts
Power tool handle

Type: TPE overmolding

This is a handle for power tools. The substrate is ABS with TPE overmolded.

plastic mesh storage box
Plastic container with mesh

Type: nylon mesh overmolding

This is a square bin with a nylon mesh on the bottom. 

plastic LED lens different sizes
Lens for LED lights

Type: clear plastic molding

These are lenses for LED lights. The surface pattern is most critical for the proper projecting of lights. Each part need to have the same weight for cost saving in large volume production.

chrome plasted wide reflective mirror
Chrome plated mirror

Type: chrome plating

This is a wide reflective mirror made of ABS, with the surface plated with chrome.

double wall plastic mug
double wall plastic cup

Type: ultrasonic welding

The cup body consists of 2 walls for better heat insulation. The bottom is welded to the cup body. The material for this cup is ABS.

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Our engineering services

We are more than a mold maker: we provide full services to get your job done correctly and within your budget!

At Boyan, we have the technical know-how in different engineering sections, which allows us to be the one-stop service provider to meet the customers' versatile demands.
plastic resin material
Material selection

Choosing the right material is of vital importance for the success of your project from the beginning

design for manufacturing example
Design for Manufacturing

The wall and rib thickness / draft angles / surface finishes / Possible advice on structral modifiction to keep the mold being reasonably simple.

A sample of mold flow analysis
Mold flow analysis

For more demanding plastic parts or more expensive molds, we will perform mold flow analysis to evaluate possible molding flaws and find better solutions.

3d scanning of prototype
Reverse engineering

Creating 3D modes, material analysis based on the original samples.

Product design example
Product design

We usually do not start from scratches, because long-distance communication can be obstructive. We could optimize your design for manufacturability, appearance and functionality.

Rapid prototype samples
Rapid prototyping

Available materials for rapid prototyping include: transparent, soft (elastic), and strong and durable materials.

big plastic box

We always base our low price on sufficient quality which will meet their purposes

Low prices

We keep our price low and transparent. If you request, we will send you mold cost breakdown so you can see the composition of the mold cost, and you can also check each item is reasonably and correctly calculated. 

The below table gives the usual percentage of each cost:

4Mold design5-10%
5Tax, profit20-30%
plastic nut 01

Having properly defined quality criteria is subtle, we will provide our insight in this regard to make your project a success.

Ensured quality

Set up inspection criteria

We will create a 2D drawing specifying all necessary dimensional and geometrical tolerances (like flatness, roundness, and concentricity), and define the acceptable amount of the bend, distortion, and warpage.

Analysis and avoid possible molding defects

At the same time, we know what possible injection molding defects may arise with your products and will take measures to prevent or minimize the defects.

sink mark caused by a rib
Sink mark
flashes on an ABS part
silver streak on a PC plastic part
Silver streak
gate blush on a white ABS part
Gate blush
plastic injection mold image

The processes of mold making

Our Happy Customers

Boyan Manufacturing Solutions has been extremely useful in enabling our company to develop designs appropriate for injection molding, and also in ensuring quality production runs of components essential for our core business. They are quick to respond to inquiries, and we are extremely happy with our continued business relationship with them. More than anything, we have been totally reassured by their attention to detail and their guarantee of the quality of their work. We would not hesitate to recommend them to customers, especially those new to injection molding.
Edward Dean, UK
From concept to final product, Boyan Manufacturing was instrumental in the development of a challenging injection molded part over a very short timeline. They demonstrated their expertise in injection molding with clear and logical solutions to several engineering challenges. Their prompt and articulate correspondence helped my project move along smoothly. I would highly recommend Boyan Manufacturing for those that need quick and effective solutions for their injection molding projects.
Aaron Collis, USA
Boyan Manufacturing Solutions is very well named, as "Solutions" as that is just one of their many excellent service traits the company provides. Starting with their superb website which opens the door into a very professional efficient company and its services on offer. It did not take long to discover the interaction between myself and Boyan Manufacturing grew rapidly into a working relationship where ideas and efficiency gains and engineering suggestions were flowing freely to me from this amazing company. Speed of development and progress reports are only matched with the extremely smart and innovative suggestions for my project freely offered by Boyan Manufacturing Limited. Boyan Manufacturing Ltd provided samples that were 100% flawless, and given I live in New Zealand, the samples arrived extremely quickly. The all-round and complete service from Boyan Manufacturing is extraordinary. I would suggest to anyone Globally who seeks extremely high-quality precision Injection Moulding products from any design concept to engage this company. Their Interaction and amazing constructive feedback are incredible and I am so grateful I have such a company helping me now and into the future.
Pete Falleni, NZ

Frequently Asked Questions​

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Do you Provide any kind of Warranty ?

If you find the injection molded parts do not meet the specs or have any quality issues within 3 months of their arrival date, please inform us with pictures indicating those issues. We will send you free replacements at our cost, including possible air freight charges.

What is your MOQ for orders?

There is no MOQ required from us, we take orders from 100 units to 1 million, however, the injection mold itself is kind of expensive. To make your investment worthwhile, we suggest your order quantity should be more than 100, otherwise, you should consider other manufacturing processes.

How do I know I will get the products as I expected?

We will analyze what molding defects may arise before mold production, and take preventive measures.

We will send you detailed QC reports with pictures and videos during production and before shipment, so you know exactly what you will receive prior to shipment.

What is the typical mold life?

A mold can complete from 10,000 shots to 1 million shots, we will choose what mold steel to be used based on your estimation of the quantity. At the same time, if you let us produce the plastic parts, you do not need to worry about the mold life, we will take care of the mold maintenance and renewal, so it is a one-off investment for you.

How do I describe the quality requirements for my products?

It is important that you describe the quality requirements clearly, including the material specs, dimensional tolerances, and visual requirements. If you do not have an engineering background, you can explain to us the application in detail. We will figure it out and list the requirements and specs on a pdf drawing for review. It will be used in manufacturing and QC inspection.

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