We are A professional supplier for plastic injection molding in China

Boyan Manufacturing Solutions takes pride in supplying high quality plastic injection molds and injection molded parts, together with professional engineering support and customer services. More importantly, we help you to stay within your budget!

Our capabilities in plastic injection molding

Our capabilities cover precision injection molding, multi-shot injection molding, insert molding, TPE/TPU over molding, and more. Below are some examples:

plastic housing for pin connector

Precision injection molding

High precision means the mold needs to be made to a tight tolerance (by high-end CNC machines), at the same time, it requires precise control of the molding process.

multi-shot injection molding sample

Multi-shot injection molding

This is a car tail light cover made by 3-shot molding, it consists of 3 different colors which are transparent, light red and dark red.

nylon mesh insert molding sample

Nylon mesh insert molding

There is a nylon mesh (it can be a metal mesh as well) at the bottom of the square container. This is called insert molding. The edge is made clean with minimum flashes.

knurled brass nuts insert molding sample

knurled nut insert molding

The brass knurled nuts are molded into the plastic casing, this is a widely used insert molding method because metal screws perform better.

TPE/TPU over molding

The base material of this handle is PA66+30GF, with TPU over-molded. Visual inspection is conducted, no flashes allowed on the edges of the TPU wraps.

plastic painting and plating samples

Painting, plating and coating

We are also capable of doing surface painting and plating of plastic parts, and we are familiar with relative quality standards as well.

Explore our World Class Capabilities

Our engineering services

We are more than a mold maker: we provide full services to get your job done correctly.

In Boyan, we have the technical know-how in different engineering sections, which allows us to be the one-stop service provider to meet the customers' versatile demands.
plastic resin material
Material selection

Choosing the right material is of vital importance for the succeed of your project at the beginning

CAD designing

We usually do not start from scratches, but rather to optimize your design for manufactureability and functionality

Rapid prototype samples
Rapid prototyping

This is a cost-effective way to test your design before entering into production to avoid possible design failure. Variable materials are available.

3d scanning of prototype
Reverse engineering

You send us the sample and we will generate injection molded parts exactly as it is

A sample of mold flow analysis
Mold flow analysis

For more complicated plastic parts or more expensive molds, we conduct this process to foresee possible risks

package design sample
Package design

Whether is it a consumer package or for industrial usage (just for protection and storage purpose), we have a solution for you.

Low prices

We keep our price low and transparent. If you request, we will send you mold cost breakdown so you can see the composition of the mold cost, and you can also check each item is reasonably and correctly calculated. 

The below table gives the usual percentage of each costs:

4Mold design5-10%
5Tax, profit20-30%

Ensured quality

If you explain to us how the plastic parts are assembled with their mating components, we will create a 2D drawing indicating all necessary dimensional and geometrical tolerances (like flatness, roundness, and concentricity), so that you know the distortion, warpage will all be in the acceptable level.
At the same time, we know what possible injection molding defects may arise with your products and will take measures to prevent or minimize the defects.

sink mark caused by a rib
Sink mark
flashes on an ABS part
silver streak on a PC plastic part
Silver streak
gate blush on a white ABS part
Gate blush

Why choosing boyan?

With Boyan, you can skip all the daunting searching and vetting processes and focus on building your own business.

As a sourcing company of custom parts and molds, we are kind of like your sourcing partner, and we protect our customers’ interests in the following ways:

We always check the products with great attention and send reports, pictures, and videos to our customers so they can be kept most up to date. If there are some issues that need to be further verified, we will send samples to them, it only takes 2 to 5 days. As a result, our customers rarely received products with quality issues.

why choosing Boyan page 2

We act as a third party for payment between our customers and factories. We do not release the payment until the quality has been verified and approved. Even after the products have been shipped, we will hold partial payment so the factory will take responsibility for any quality issues.

We have binding contracts with factories. If there are disputes, we will side with the customer to protect their rightful interests, but first of all, we choose the honest and diligent people to work with so we will have fewer troubles.

why choose us page 4

When there is a concern of confidentiality, you can trust us! We can sign a confidentiality agreement (or NDA) to put you more on ease. At the same time, if you want us to give you advice on designing and manufacturing, we would encourage you to give us the full details.

The processes of working with us

Send us the drawings (step for 3d and pdf in 2d preferred), or you can send us pictures of samples as well. Stating the material and quantity to be quoted.

If you are a new customer, to save time, we will probably send you an initial quote before a formal quote. A quick cost estimation may be where we can get started.

If you are a new customer, and you want to go further into engineering details to consolidate your design before placing the order, we would request a consulting fee, usually ranging from $50 to $200.

If you decide to place the order to us, please send the PO in writing and 50% of the mold cost as the deposit. The remaining mold cost should be paid upon sample approval.

We will study all details and define the specs including dimensional tolerances, appearance requirements, resin to be used. These will all be used as the quality inspection criteria.

Now you need to have a bit of patience to wait, the lead time for an injection mold is typically 30-50 days, if the mold needs to be modified after the first mold test, it can take another 7 to 15 days. Then we will send samples to you for approval.

Frequently Asked Questions​

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Do you Provide any kind of Warranty ?

We certainly do. If you find the parts do not conform to the specs or have any quality issues within 3 months of their arrival date, please inform us with pictures indicating those issues. We will send you free replacements at our cost, including possible air freight charges.

What is your MOQ for orders?

There is no MOQ requirement from us, we take orders from 100 units to 1 million, however, the injection mold itself is kind of expensive. To make your investment worthwhile, we suggest your order quantity should be more than 100 or 200, otherwise, you should consider other manufacturing processes.

How do I know I will get the products as I expected?

We have the experience and knowledge to check products and make our judgement. We will send you the QC reports including dimensional reports, visual inspection reports, material certificates. We send you pictures and short videos by whatsapp or skype as a time-saving manner.

What is the typical mold life?

A mold can complete from 10,000 shots to 1 million shots, we will choose what mold steel to be used based on your estimation of the quantity. At the same time, if you let us produce the plastic parts, you do not need to worry about the mold life, we will take care of the mold maintenance and renewal, so it is a one-off investment for you.

How do I describe the quality requirements for my products?

It is important that you describe the quality requirements clearly, including the material specs, dimensional tolerances, and visual requirements. If you do not have an engineering background, you can explain to us the application in detail. We will figure it out and list the requirements and specs on a pdf drawing for review. It will be used in manufacturing and QC inspection.

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