Plastic Lotion Dispenser Pump

These are the dispenser pump for lotion, liquid soap, disinfectant, and other liquids. The neck dimensions are 20,24,28,32 mm. They are produced by high-precision injection molds and automatic assembly equipment.

Part specification:

MaterialPP, PE, LDPE, HDPE for different components
Neck size20,24,28,32 mm
Dip tube sizecustomized
Colorcustomized colors available
QC inspection100% airtight test (automatic)
Production capacity2-5 million/month

Critical features:

  • Each plastic component is produced by multi-cavity high precision injection mold. There are 6 molds for each type of dispenser pump.

24 cavity precision mold for lotion dispenser

injection mold for lotion dispenser, lower mold injection mold for lotion dispenser, upper mold

  • These dispenser pumps are all assembled in automatic equipment with high daily/monthly volume. Each automatic equipment is only adapted to one type of dispenser, that is why we do not recommend making custom dispensers, but rather using existing on-shelf dispensers.

lotion dispenser airtight inspection in automatic assembly machine

  • 100% air-tight test to make sure the nozzles are not leaking. The nozzles that do not pass the test will be picked out automatically.

automatic assembly equipment for lotion dispenser