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What is the estimated quantity for the first production order?
Under 1,0001,000 to 5,000Above 5,000

What is the estimated annual quantity (EAU)?
Under 3,0003,000 to 10,00010,000 to 50,000Above 50,000

Do you want us to produce the plastic parts or you just want to purchase the plastic mold?
I want the plastic partsI want you to ship the plastic mold to me

How soon do you expect the first batch of products to be delivered?
30 days60 days90 daysLater

Do you have an engineering background? So we know how much we need to help you to verify the information you provide.

What is the material for your product?

Should the material be food-safe?
YesNoNot sure

Should the material be UV (sunshine) resistant?

Should the material be flame retardant (UL-94 rating)?
V-0V-1V-2H-BNot requiredOthers (please specify in your message below)

Should the material be resistant to very low (<20℃) or high temperature (>70℃)?
Very low temperatureVery high temperatureBothNone, just room temperature

Does the material for your part need to be strong?
Yes, it is subject to forceNo

Does your part require tight dimensional or geometrical tolerances?
Yes, tight toleranceNo

Does your part have aesthetic requirements?
Not a big concernAverage aesthetic requirementsVery high aesthetic requirements

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Do you want a quick but less accurate mold cost estimation?

There are times that you do not need a precise quote for your mold, like in the early stages of your project development, then it is a good idea to let us estimate the mold price with our mold cost calculator, so you do not need to wait too long.
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