Stackable storage bins with lids and injection molds

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Wholesale stackable storage bins and custom injection molds

We have this stackable storage bin ready for sale. It contains 3 pieces, the outer box, the inner box, and the lid. We can also produce the plastic container molds to customer’s designs.

Part specification

Dimensions150*150*90 mm
Wall thickness1.8 mm
  • Outer box: 85 grams
  • Inner box: 60 grams
  • Lid: 55 grams
Colorcustom color or transparent
Packagingcartons + wooden pallets

The inner tray has a micro-mesh on the bottom.

It is originally designed as a container for blackworms

With a micro-mesh on the bottom of the inside tray, it is much more convenient to keep and clean the blackworms, which is a popular food to feed tropical fishes. The idea came from Leandro Blanco, the owner of Miami Discus located in Miami, Florida. We helped him to improve the final design. Click the following image will direct you to their website.

blackworms container with micro mesh

Tapered-wall design

Both the outer box and the inner box have tapered walls, this is to save space for storage and shipping.

They can be stacked on top of the lid when they are full, or stacked without the lid when they are empty to save space.

stackable storage bins with lids stackable storage boxes

Injection mold for the outer box

  • Cavity number: 1
  • Mold steel: 718H
  • Ejection method: air ejection
  • Lead time: 40 days

We use air ejection for the outer boxes. In other words, they are blown out by compressed air, so there are no ejector pin marks on the parts.

Since the material is transparent or translucent, the pin marks will be visible whether they are on the top or bottom of the parts.

Injection mold for the lid

  • Cavity number: 1
  • Mold steel: 718H
  • Ejection method: ejector plate
  • Lead time: 40 days

We use the ejector plate so there are no pin marks on this part as well. We use the ejector plate for the inner tray. This way we keep all the 3 parts aesthetically pleasing.

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