Transparent Plastic Round Plates

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Clear plastic round plates

These are 2 types of clear plastic round plates, one is flat, the other is a bit convex.clear plastic round cover

10 pieces of transparent plastic round plate

They are 60 mm in diameter, the flat pieces are 2mm thick, while the convex ones are 1mm thick.

For transparent plastic thin parts, it is easier to check whether there are surface blemishes (like scratches) by stacking together, this will make the blemishes more noticeable.

Injection mold cost: $2,850

  • Cavity number: 2+1 (family mold)
  • Mold steel: 718H
  • Lead time: 40 days

injection mold for clear plastic plate injection mold for clear plastic plate close view 3

For injection molds of clear plastic molds, the molds need to precisely machined and polished to a mirror-like finish, the reflected image from the polished surface should have not distortion. Only by doing so, when you look through the transparent plastic parts, the image will not distort.

injection mold for clear plastic plate close view 2


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