Plastic mesh storage bin

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Plastic mesh storage container

This is a square plastic mesh storage bin, there is a nylon mesh at the bottom. It is originally designed to keep blackworms in the refrigerator, but it can also be used for other purposes, like to contain and dry fruits or food after they have been washed.

plastic mesh storage box

Part specification

Dimensions150*150*80 mm
Wall thickness1.8 mm
Weight60 grams
Colorcustom color or transparent
Packagingcartons + wooden pallets

The nylon mesh is injection molded

There are several options to put the nylon mesh on the bottom, like in many applications of refrigerators or air conditioners, the nylon meshes are clamped in 2 plastic plates, or the mesh can be glued to the bottom. We finally choose the have the mesh molded to the plastic container, so they form an integral part.

nylon mesh insert molded to plastic box

nylon mesh used for plastic container

The mold information

  • Cavity number: 1
  • Mold steel: 718H
  • Ejection method: ejector plate
  • Lead time: 40 days

We use an eject plate instead of eject pins in this mold, so there are no eject pin marks on the container, this helps to let them have a nicer appearance.