Steel Q345 machined and hot dip galvanized part

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Steel Q345 machined and hot-dip galvanized part

This is a Q345 machined and hot-dip galvanized part. This part is produced in the most cost-effective method: flaming cutting and milling. Thus we can use the material in the most efficient way.

Part specification

MaterialSteel Q345 (S355 DIN)
Size (mm)120x100x55
Tolerance for key dimension (mm)0/-0.05mm
Coating:Hot Dip Galvanize, 0.07-0.12mm
ProcessesFlame cutting, milling

The tolerance of holes are 0.05mm, so we need to ream the holes after galvanizing.

The location of holes must be precise, can not be off for more than 0.05mm.