Custom plastic part for camera lens

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Custom plastic part for camera lens

This is a custom plastic part for the camera lens, it calls out tight dimensional tolerance for proper function in the assembly. The material is PA66 GF30, since this material has a different contraction rate, the mold needs to be deliberately designed in order to keep the roundness of the part.

Part specification

Size (inch)OD 40 x width 8 mm
Weight (gram)15 grams
Tolerance for key dimension (inch)+/-0.05 mm
ProcessesInjection molding

Some details

This part requires tight dimensional tolerance and appealing appearance.
We conduct a 10% dimensional lot inspection using go-no go gauges for the key dimensions to make sure all key dimensions fall into the tolerances, if any dimension fails then a 100% inspection will follow to make sure no bad parts will be shipped to the customer. Besides, a 100% visual inspection is always conducted to sort out parts with appearance flaws.