2-color plastic thimble

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2 color injection-molded plastic thimble for DIY sewing

This plastic thimble is ideal for hand sewing DIY crafts. It consists of 2 materials (colors). The soft material (TPE) makes the finger fit more comfortable while the hard material (ABS) keeps the hardness required when pushing it against the needle.

plastic thimble top and side views

Part specification:

MaterialABS and TPE (red in the picture, rubber-like soft material)
Sizes5 different sizes
Manufacturing processOvermolding (first the white substrate, then the red TPE overmolding)
Mold information2 molds, 4 cavities each
Mold price$5,700 for 1 size (2 molds)

Critical features:

  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Opening on the top for the extending of nails.
  • Soft material for comfort touch of fingers.

soft material of plastic thimble

2 injection molds for production

The first mold is to produce the substrates (ABS, white color part shown in the pictures)

Injection mold for the substrate

The second mold is to do the TPE overmolding upon the ABS substrate. The soft material is then combined with the hard material on this product.

.injection mold for the TPE overmolding