Precision cnc machined small aluminum part

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Precision cnc machined small aluminum part

This is a small precision cnc machined part. Tight tolerance is required for the internal diameter.

Part specification

MaterialAluminum 6061-T6
Size (mm)L 20 x W 20 x H 15 (mm)
Tolerance for key dimension (mm)+/-0.025mm
ProcessesCNC milling

Some details

All sharp edge rounded or chamfered

All sharp edges have been chamfered to 0.2-0.5mmX45° and burrs cleaned as required by the drawing.

Multiple loading verses low price

Although this is a small component, but we need to load the part several times which makes the machining time longer. Well, this is not much of a big issue, the challenge is that at the same time, we still need to keep the price low without sacrificing the quality.

Tolerance on the ID

The tolerance is required not only on the ID, but also on the OD of the small extrusion.

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