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Please be noted this quick cost estimation is conducted by a mold cost calculator. The accuracy is usually within +/-15%, but there is no guarantee of it.

If you want more accurate mold price, please send an inquiry

When do you need a less accurate cost estimation?

We can make free quotes for you, but the process is not free for us. It will usually take us half to one hour to quote one mold. There are times that you do not need a precise quote for your mold, like in the early stages of your project development, then it is a good idea to let us estimate the mold price with our mold cost calculator, so you do not need to wait too long.
With this mold cost calculator, we can estimate the material cost pretty well, but the other costs are less accurate than human estimation and calculation.

If this is the case for you, please go ahead to fill out the form below and upload the drawing (or a picture). If you want a more precise quote, please click the button on the right.

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Under 3,0003,000 to 10,00010,000 to 50,000Above 50,000

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Does your part require tight dimensional or geometrical tolerances?
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Examples of mold cost estimation reports

Example 1

sample 1 used for mold cost calculation
mold cost calculator result example 2

Example 2

sample 2 used for mold cost calculation
mold cost calculator result example 1