Large steel wire bending

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Large steel wire bending service

We are offering large steel wire bending service for versatile custom designs.

Material size

The sample shown in the pictures is made of 8mm steel wire, the grade is annealed 1045(C45, mild steel).

We can deal with steel wire forming of up to 12mm in diameter.

Small inside bending radius

As you can see the inside bending radius is made very small. Usually, in wire bending, the inside bending radius should be not smaller than the wire diameter itself, but in this case, the inside radius is only about 1/4 of the wire diameter.

In order to avoid material cracks, the bends are accomplished by several smaller bendings while feeding the material slightly forward during the process, you can see this in the video below.

It is quite similar to the manufacturing of smaller wires, except that everything is HEAVY DUTY: